Host something magical.

Surprise your guests with an evening that unfolds into badass fun.


Shhh – don’t tell.

Wooden Hut

2021 filmmaker reception

Pop-up Dance Club.
(Color-filled. Loud-less).

Lakeside, field, woods or right outside your backdoor.


Transport your guests, where they step into a colorful atmosphere uniquely staged to rocket your party forward.


As they arrive, each is given a comfortable headset, preset to hear a personalized scripted welcome.


As the 100" video screen flickers to life, their experience begins to unfold.  Your guests catch on as a live DJ mixes three channels of dance-your-ass-off music, as lighting and effects culminate in quiet chaos. 


You smile as they begin to dance out loud (even where amplification isn’t permitted – a park or your own backyard). You find yourself laughing out loud as the group merges and converges.  Social media begins to light up as they post colorful photos of your generous gift of badass fun.

From 24 guests to 2,000

Shh 3.jpg

Dance everywhere.

Audioscape + Lightscape + Videoscape


dj dance e dance JPEG_edited.jpg

Music at their fingertips.

Give your guests a choice.


Each guest chooses the music mix they want to hear in real time, expressed by their headset in one of three colors.

They control how loud they want the music as they switch between the three live DJ-ed mixes; curated and stylized in advance to complement your event's music genre preference(s) .

There's no limit to the number of guests you can host. With the right guest list, an eccentric evening can be as joyfully-riotous for two dozen guests as it is for 2,000.  Visually-delicious dance environments come in three sizes: big, bigger, and stupid-large.


This is the kind of event you and your peeps will talk about for years. 

Music choice = more dancing.

Day or night.

Indoors or out.



3 Live Mixes

                        Live DJ, mixing three decks

                        Your pre-vetted, preferred music genres


Headphones w/ Long-range Transmitters

                        One headset per guest with individual volume control

                        Each guest can switch between his/her desired music

                        Each headset lights up to correspond to the chosen DJ track

                             keeping guests connected to the music and to each other


Lighting and Effects

                        7500 Lumens projector, HD 1080p

                        100” Video screen for:

                                    Personalized welcome

                                    Visual kinetics to fuel the dancing

                        Smoke machine(s)

                        Mirror ball/motor, pin spots


                        Motion head tracking lights w/ gobos

                        Atmospheric light bars

Optional Rentals

                        Super quiet power generator(s) for remote events

                        Video wall for customized videoscapes

Personalized Options

                       Video/audio customization

                                     Integration of day-of photos

                                     Guest interviews

                       Supersized lighting and effects

                       National/international DJs


We paint it bright.

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Let's make you famous.

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