Employee profiles:

"Tempered Chocolate"​

On the main street of a quaint southern town, by all appearances a gourmet chocolate shop thrives. Named for its owner, Matthew’s Chocolates creates delectable pieces of culinary chocolate art, expensive by any measure.  As with most businesses there’s more than meets the eye.


Small towns have their characters. The town of Hillsborough, North Carolina has Matthew.


In a region known for southern charm and social discretion, Matthew’s unconventional but highly skilled employees are often his foils, making up for his propensity to embrace conflict and unwillingness to govern what he says. With his eccentric, teeter-totter personality, he self-describes as a “drama-queen”.


The town itself is no less affected.  Sitting at the crossroads of intellect and hillbilly, Hillsborough itself is a colorful backdrop of quaint and crazy.


Life stays interesting for Matthew’s employees, business neighbors and customers. Like most dysfunctional families, somehow it all works. Willy Wonka has noth'n on this place.







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